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Ledger Stax Supports NFTs

Published on
Dec 16, 2022
This article is for general information purposes only and isn’t intended to be financial advice.
Phoenix Baker
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Ledger has created a name for themselves in being a reputable and trusted hardware wallet manufacturer. With the inception of the Ledger Nano S in 2016 they quickly gained popularity as the go to alternative of cold storage of crypto assets.

As a result of where the crypto and NFT market is headed, Ledger has decided to bring out a wallet where users are able to store their NFTs. This is a first in the space and it offers holders greater security over their NFTs which only further benefits the ecosystem. In this article we are going to discuss the Ledger Stax, as well as its features and whether we think it's worth it.

The Stax

The Stax has been designed by Tony Fadell (well known designer for iPod), to be an easy to use device, featuring a touch screen that makes navigation as well as the aesthetic more enjoyable. The Stax is small, around the size of a credit card but this doesn't take away from its sleek design which features a curved E ink display which means that the Stax will have high visibility and contrast.

Find Ledger Stax at

Another feature that the Stax offers which is gaining lots of attention is that users are able to showcase a NFT on their lock screen. This means that even when the Stax is turned off, the lock screen NFT will still be showcased. This takes bragging rights to a whole new level.

Even more, purchasing a Stax secures you an Infinity Pass which gives users a complimentary NFT which Ledgers says comes with future utility.

The Specs:

  • Dimensions : 85mm × 54mm × 6mm
  • Weight : 45 grams
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth 5.2 or USB C
  • Resolution : 672 × 400 pixels
  • Security : Ledger EAL 5+ certified secure element

The Security

The whole idea behind the Stax is security and ease of use. Therefore the Stax has received a EAL 5+ rating which is one of the highest levels of security that a device can receive. There are 7 levels of EAL and the Stax being on level 5 is seen as more than bulletproof.

It is not known what type of security is to credit for this rating, but we assume that's on purpose as it gives hackers less room to work with.

The Release

With the crypto communities' trust in exchanges at an all time low, Ledger has picked the perfect time to announce their latest innovation. They revealed that it would be launched in Q1 2023, with applications for pre-orders being available now. Once released, the Stax will not only be available online but also from retailers such as BestBuy in the following months.

The Importance Of The Stax

The Stax couldn't be announced at a more important time, with faith in holding tokens and NFTs on exchanges at an all time low. The Stax becomes a perfect solution for the NFT community to secure that piece of mind over their holdings just like the holders of tokens thanks to the Nano S and X. In order for NFTs and Web 3 to become widely adopted and scalable, security needs to be at the top of priority and having technology such as the Stax available does just that. The Stax will certainly take after its big brothers in giving its users a secure and easy to use hardware wallet that is impenetrable.

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