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Liqd Features To Expect

Published on
Feb 3, 2023
This article is for general information purposes only and isn’t intended to be financial advice.
Phoenix Baker
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Liqd announced Stage 1 of its multi-stage rollout plan for the launch of its NFT liquidity marketplace on 22.Dec.2022. Stage 1 in particular offers $500k in instant liquidity available for Balance Pass Holders and early users. Many blue chip NFTs are also listed on the platform and early users have access to them.

In this article, we are especially exploring the backlog of features that Liqd devs are working on and what the community can expect in the near future.

More Flexibility

Borrowers and lenders will have the ability to extend loan terms or renegotiate loan terms on the platform, providing more flexibility and control for both parties. Lenders and borrowers will be able to request to renegotiate loans anytime up until the lender claims the NFT. We cannot wait to share more details with you soon.

Note that this is in addition to Liqd supports lending assets in multiple currencies including all the most widely used DAI, USDT, ETH, WETH, WBTC. On Liqd, both borrowers and lenders can define the terms and conditions of the loan offers. This includes APRs, duration of the loan payment, the amount as well the cryptocurrency.

More Transparency

Liqd will integrate with Etherscan to provide more transparency for users. This will allow users to understand a wallet's compliance history and overall health, increasing the level of trust for all parties involved.

Improved User Experience

Liqd is adding calendar notifications to keep users informed about their loan terms and payments. This feature will be integrated with popular calendar clients such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, and others, allowing users to easily manage their loans from their preferred calendar app.

More Opportunities

Liqd is expanding its offerings to include not just NFTs, but also entire NFT collections. This will provide borrowers and lenders with even more opportunities to access liquidity.

Share Your Own Feature Requests

Liqd gives everyone a voice and our users are our greatest assets. We love hearing about new ideas that can be used to improve and enhance the Liqd platform. So head on to Liqd NFT Feedback (nolt.io) and let us know.

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