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Liqd For Early Adopters

Published on
Jan 24, 2023
This article is for general information purposes only and isn’t intended to be financial advice.
Phoenix Baker
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Liqd is a platform that offers NFT holders a unique and innovative way to access liquidity without having to sell their assets. It is a three-staged rollout plan for the launch of its NFT liquidity marketplace. Stage one went live on the 22nd of December, with $500k in instant liquidity available for Balance Pass Holders and early users.

The platform aims to provide an outstanding user experience, and has introduced a referral system that allows users to earn 35% of the platform fees generated by anyone they refer to Liqd. This means that for every transaction that takes place on the platform as a result of your referral, you'll earn a percentage of the fees generated.

Unlock Instant Liquidity

Liqd is offering instant liquidity for early users. This means that users can borrow money against their NFT assets quickly and easily, without having to wait for long periods of time. This feature is particularly valuable for users who need to access cash quickly, but don't want to sell their NFTs.

How Is It Done?

Loans are managed using Liqd's escrow system which utilizes smart contracts as a secure and transparent way of managing NFT-backed loans, ensuring that the terms of the loan are fulfilled and protecting both borrowers and lenders in the process.

Right to First Refusal to buy back NFT

Liqd offers a right to first refusal to buy back NFT in the event of liquidation. This means that if a user's NFT is liquidated, they have the first opportunity to buy it back. This feature provides an additional layer of security for users, giving them peace of mind that their assets are protected.

24/7 Customer Service

Liqd provides 24/7 support and a key account manager to assist with any questions or issues. This ensures that users have the support they need to navigate the platform and make informed decisions about their loans.

To Conclude

Liqd's launch is set to revolutionize the way NFT holders access liquidity. The platform's three-stage rollout plan is designed to roll out new features gradually, ensuring that users have the time to familiarize themselves with the platform and its offerings.

As Liqd  advances to Stage 2 and Stage 3, we can expect to see more new and exciting features that will make Liqd stand  out even further from the competition. It is worth keeping an eye out for Liqd's next announcements as it is set to become a game changer in the NFT space.

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