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Liqd Lending Strategies

Published on
Dec 30, 2022
This article is for general information purposes only and isn’t intended to be financial advice.
Phoenix Baker
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Liqd is a marketplace that allows users to lend and borrow NFTs, unlocking the value of these assets without having to sell them. Here are 3 strategies that you can use to make money on Liqd and grow your portfolio:

Collateralizing your NFT to Make a Play

By taking out a loan secured by the value of your NFT, you can borrow funds to purchase assets that are likely to appreciate in value. By acquiring funds from a loan on the platform, you can use those funds to purchase assets that you believe will increase in value over time. There are a variety of assets that you could consider investing in, including cryptocurrency, stocks, real estate, and even NFTs

For example, if you own a highly valuable NFT  that you are hesitant to sell, you can use it as collateral on a loan and borrow the funds needed to purchase another NFT that you believe may increase in value. This allows you to "trade up" your NFT portfolio, diversifying it and potentially increasing its overall value. If the value of the new NFT purchased increases, you could sell it in order to settle the loan and be left with your original NFT and a profit. By getting liquidity on liqd and  investing in a variety of assets, you can expose yourself to more markets and potentially increase your opportunities to make money. By diversifying your portfolio, you can reduce your risk and potentially increase your returns.

Flipping NFTs for Profit

If someone forecloses on their loan and you provided the funds, you can collect their NFT and flip it for profit. For example, if you lend someone funds to purchase a rare NFT collectable and they are unable to make their loan payments, you can take ownership of the NFT and sell it for a profit. This strategy allows you to potentially earn a profit by buying NFTs at a discounted price and reselling them at a higher value.

Consistent Lending for Passive income

By consistently lending out more funds like ethereum, you can generate a stream of passive income through the interest earned on your loans. This allows you to earn an attractive interest rate on your crypto without having to actively manage your investments. By consistently lending out your funds, you can potentially earn a steady stream of income and grow your wealth over time.

Overall, Liqd offers a number of benefits for both borrowers and lenders. By leveraging the platform's ability to unlock the value of your assets users invest in a variety of opportunities, earn passive income through consistent lending and can even acquire a blue-chip NFT at a fraction of the price. NFT projects, in turn, can maintain a more stable floor price, as Liqd provides a way to unlock liquidity without selling. By empowering NFT holders to stay part of the community rather than selling, Liqd is helping to create a more stable and sustainable NFT ecosystem.

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