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Liqd Partnerships and Collabs

Published on
Jan 30, 2023
This article is for general information purposes only and isn’t intended to be financial advice.
Phoenix Baker
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Liqd enables NFT holders to access instant liquidity by borrowing against their assets and for lenders to earn interest by providing capital. The loans are secured by the value of the NFT assets. As part of its efforts to provide a seamless and efficient experience for its users, Liqd has established several partnerships with leading companies in the blockchain and DeFi space.

Forward Protocol

Forward Protocol is a decentralized platform that provides a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface for creating and deploying decentralized applications, subnets, and blockchain networks without requiring any technical expertise. It offers a suite of blockchain toolkits that connect to the value-driven economy.

By integrating with Forward Protocol, Liqd users can access a wider range of blockchain services, including dApp deployment, subnets, and the ability to connect with the value-driven economy. This integration provides users with a more comprehensive and seamless experience, making it easier for them to manage their assets and finances. See more about our partnership here.


Nabu is a platform that provides solutions for the management and valuation of digital assets on the Web3 ecosystem. With a focus on NFTs, Nabu has developed a sophisticated machine learning engine that accurately determines the value of these assets. This helps collectors and NFT owners understand the true worth of their collections, providing them with valuable insights into the market.

The use of this engine on Liqd's platform helps ensure that NFT assets are priced accurately, avoiding issues related to incorrect or unreliable valuations. By partnering with Nabu, Liqd is able to provide a more transparent and trustworthy platform for NFT holders and collectors, helping to build trust in the DeFi ecosystem.their finances.

Read this article to see more.

Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is a San Francisco-based company that connects traditional web addresses to the decentralized world through the use of blockchain domains. With its technology, users can create simple, human-readable web addresses for their cryptocurrency wallets, eliminating the need for complex public key addresses. This makes transacting cryptocurrency much easier and more accessible for a wider range of users.

In conclusion, Liqd’s partnerships with Forward Protocol, Nabu, and Unstoppable Domains are just some of the many efforts it is making to provide its users with a seamless and excellent  experience. These partnerships provide users with access to a wider range of DeFi services which helps Liqd play a major role in the growth of DeFi. Creating partnerships with leading companies will help Liqd enhance the user experience and unlock the full potential of its NFTs on the platform.

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