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Paintswap NFT Marketplace on Fantom

Published on
Dec 6, 2022
This article is for general information purposes only and isn’t intended to be financial advice.
Phoenix Baker
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Paintswap.finance is a decentralized NFT marketplace, exchange and yield farming platform built on the Fantom Opera Network. Users are given a wide array of products and services while pushing forward the utility and promise that is the Fantom Opera Network.


Paintswap supports multiple NFTs standards including ERC721, ERC1155, iNFTs and more. As a result the platform currently holds over 1350 collections with a volume of around 13 000 000 FTM which just goes to show how well the platform is performing.

Paintswap has a reputation for their staggering low fees at only 0.3% which is almost unbeatable and to further the competitiveness, 50% of all sale fees are used to burn and buy back their native token BRUSH, which gives users/investors even more value and reason to use their marketplace. As well as having competitive fees, Paintswap’s Yield Farms offer some extremely high returns which are partly supported by their Art Gallery which locks half of farmers $BRUSH rewards for 90 days.

NFT Marketplace

The marketplace strides itself for its low fees and ease of use. Users are able to upload, mint and sell any format media file in seconds.

Here are some key features:

  • Buy, offer or bid on thousands of NFTs on the open marketplace
  • Create your own NFT by uploading data or through the Studio, and put it up for sale
  • Look through dozens of beautiful, curated collections
  • Stake your BRUSH to earn more BRUSH on our staking pool
  • Swap between FTM, USDC, BRUSH and many other tokens on our decentralized exchange
  • Provide liquidity on our farms to earn fees and additional BRUSH

Due to the marketplace's ability to connect to the EVM, not only can you trade Fantom NFTs, but a much larger array NFTs are supported.

Why PaintSwap Chose Fantom Opera Network

Fantom is known as a highly scalable L1 blockchain platform focusing on DeFi, dApps and enterprise applications. There are many benefits to using Fantom for hosting a marketplace, one being that it is fully EVM compatible. This allows Fantom to support any NFT on the platform that runs on Ethereum. Fantom is currently working on their own virtual machine (Fantom virtual machine), which will still support the EVM, but  will have additional advantages.

Why use Fantom:

Faster transaction speeds

With Fantom, transactions only take 1-2 seconds to process whereas Ethereum takes on average 6 minutes. This is important because it allows the network to become more scalable and allows for more real world applications.

High throughput

Fantom aims to achieve 30 000 TPS within the following year which is arguably the most within the crypto space. This can be compared to Ethereum which can currently handle around 30, therefore Fantom aims to achieve around 1000x that.

Lower fees

Due to the capacity for Fantom to handle a higher throughput, the network does not easily get congested meaning that the fees are able to be lower than most networks. Therefore fees will be at a staggeringly low level of around $0.002, allowing for users who are trading lower value NFTs to not be affected by large percentages of their profits being knocked off.

Key Updates

Paintswap is extremely active on their platform as well as their socials and have recently added some updates to their platform that we thought were important.

  • Updates on WEB3 packages for better stability and compatibility.
  • Improved gas calculation for the whole site.
  • Updated URLs for cross-chain preparation on the marketplace.

To Conclude

Paintswap is certainly going to be competing with some of the top NFT exchanges soon due to their ability to handle large transaction volumes as well as their low fees thanks to the Fantom network. Both Fantom and Paintswap are constantly innovating their products and therefore the perfect combination is in place for a user focused and innovative exchange. We are excited to see what the future holds.

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