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Quality over Quantity at Balance: A Look at our Impressive Audit Results

A robust security system is paramount to any successful financial product for mass adoption. In any market and environment, regular audits of financial products and services convey a strong message to investors and corresponding markets. 

In quality assurance and security, Balance has spared no effort. 

With every new innovation comes both opportunities and challenges. Today, we would like to share with our community members and investors the steps Balance Organization has taken to ensure the safety, security, reliability, and integrity of all our products. As far as security is concerned, there is no place for complacency in Balance and associated products and services.

Continue reading to understand and get a glimpse of the security measures, smart contracts assessments, and audit reports for one of our most prominent products, Liqd NFT - A marketplace to enable peer-to-peer lending and borrowing of blue chip NFTs.

Liqd Audit and Results

As of 04.August 2022, Hacken, the leading Web3 cybersecurity auditor specializing in blockchain security auditing for blockchain protocols and DeFi Projects has completed auditing smart contracts, and associated source codes, and performed a comprehensive security assessment. 

Internally at the Balance core dev team, every line of code was pre-analyzed before even submitting an audit request. 

Using static analysis and manual review techniques, a comprehensive examination was conducted by Hacken. And we are proud to say that our work is recognized as top-notch and in line with the high standards and demands of the crypto industry. 

Hacken found no critical issues with Liqdnft's smart contracts.

Balance believes in transparency and we are happy to share the audit report for you to read in detail.

Highlights Of The Audit Report

Quantitative Findings & Outcome

After a stringent audit process, Liqd received a total score of 9.8 out of 10

Notably, the audit also did not reveal any critical issues.

Eventual outcome: No critical, high-severity, and similar issues.

Balance and its products have a proven track record of building innovative products that are robust and secure from FantOHM and its staking, wrapping, and bonding mechanisms to launching our own stablecoin USDB and very recently, the Liqd platform.