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NFT Analytics with DegenKnows

Published on
Nov 18, 2022
This article is for general information purposes only and isn’t intended to be financial advice.
Phoenix Baker
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There is an emerging trend that browsers have been adapting to Web3 settings and have even launched accessory tools in helping the user navigate through blockchain networks. One of which is Opera, an Oslo-based company operating since 1995. Besides launching the world’s first crypto browser with native & multichain non-custodial wallet, it has also built a deep NFT analytics tool named as DegenKnows. This has the objective of letting degens know about certain statistics and insights on various NFT collections. This article will introduce the features of DegenKnows.io, as well as how NFT traders can leverage this tool. 

DegenKnows.io, by the creators of Opera web browser

On-Chain Analytics

NFT marketplaces and even blockchain explorers already provide this data. However, it is usually lacking in depth analytics, information management as well as large data organization - out of which traders could extract relevant insights. It is difficult to compare projects with each other, or even compare items within a collection. DegenKnows solves this by having a simple interface that displays the floor price, gas burnt per NFT smart contract, number of wallets, number of whales, and number of smart money wallets associated with the project. It also has its own buy/sell index, which is based on a machine learning algorithm - helping users decide if it is the right time to buy, hold, or sell.

It is able to recognize the impact of smart holders and whales in the potential gains or losses of incoming holders.

Smart holders are defined as the ones with the most unrealized gains sitting in their wallets.

A wallet tracking dashboard also allows a user to view the unrealized gains, capital, number of items held in a collection, and holding value of these smart holder wallets. A similar breakdown of data was also shown for smart minters, smart traders, NFT whales, and even APE holders.

Current Blue Chips also have their own dashboard with their market capitalization, floor price, volume, sales, number of items, and number of holders. In addition to data provided for individual NFT projects, DegenKnows also shows valuable graphs regarding the weekly transactions, sales, and traders among the top NFT marketplaces, such as OpenSea, Rarible, X2Y2, LooksRare, and many more. 

Social Metrics

DegenKnows does not solely analyze on-chain data, it also gathers key information from off-chain data sources like social media platforms. This allows users to see the social reputation of NFT collections and how they may be connected to potential alpha groups or influencers. DegenKnows utilizes a special gauge coined as Nsider Index, which is a real-time measurement of the interest level from alpha groups. This 5-star level rating provides insights regarding the credibility of the project according to engagement with key influencers. Other off-chain metrics include Interested Nsiders (the population of the alpha group community members interested in the project), DegenKnows team’s rating, number of Twitter followers, and the seven-day follower change. 

The combination of on-chain and off-chain data analytics provides a holistic overview of the performance of various NFT collections.

PREMINT & Other Features

DegenKnows is more than a data analytics platform. It also stands as an extension arm of PREMINT, one of the most popular minting tools used by NFT projects to easily determine who is eligible for whitelists. A page is dedicated to examine which NFT projects have used PREMINT, along with their requirements like wallet verification, social media follows, required tokens, and the raffle time. It is also possible to connect a wallet to DegenKnows to have an overview of the assets owned.

On-chain analytics can be mind-boggling while off-chain data can be overwhelming. DegenKnows provides clarity and accuracy in the data seen by NFT users - helping them make smarter decisions. Leveraging tools like DegenKnows opens the huge potential to not just attain bigger gains but also expand a user’s knowledge on NFTs.

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